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Guess what leadership “interaction skill” has the most impact on a team member’s job performance…clarifies details?  Encourages involvement? Supports? Develops others’ ideas? No, no, no. And no.
Listens and responds with empathy.

Yep. That’s it. And it’s a bona fide superpower.
[It] is not just about being able to see things from another perspective. It’s the cornerstone of teamwork, good innovative design, and smart leadership. It’s about helping others feel heard and understood.
Even Albert Einstein agrees, “empathy is patiently seeing the world through the other person’s eyes. It is not learned in school; it is cultivated over a lifetime.”

Veggie Moroccan Stew

Serves 8

1T olive oil

3/4c ea diced carrots & yukon potatoes

1½c ea diced eggplant & butternut squash

½c ea diced mushrooms & leek

1/4dried cranberries, raisins or prunes

14oz can chickpeas, rinsed

14oz can diced tomatoes

1C veggie broth

2t ea cumin, coriander, paprika

1 cinnamon stick

pinch crushed red pepper, s&p


1/4C fresh parsley

1/4C sliced almonds


1. Sautée veggies in oil, over med heat, 8-10 mins

2. Add other ingredients (except garnishes), bring to boil

3. Reduce to simmer, cook 20-30 mins

4. Remove cinnamon stick

5. Serve over basmati rice or couscous

6. Top with fresh parsley & almonds

Note: cut veggies small dice, ½”

Stop Focusing on the Actual Goal

For a company that is wild about wildly important goals…say what?!?
You need a goal (or two, but not more than 3!) and it needs to be measurable. The process of identifying and agreeing upon a goal (what can be even better, cleaner, tastier, safer) brings focus…to everyone. And, by the way…”focus” is the single word to which both Warren Buffet and Bill Gates attribute their success — not determination, not smarts, not courage, not creativity — but focus.
BUT, to achieve your goal? Spend your time focusing on your “systems”.
“If you’re a coach, your goal is to win a championship. Your system is what your team does at practice each day…When you focus on the practice instead of the performance, you can enjoy the present moment and improve at the same time. None of this is to say that goals are useless…goals are good for planning your progress, while systems are good for actually making progress.”
So, you have a goal…pulse-check…what are your systems for achieving it and maintaining the desired result? Focus, focus and refocus on that.

Bacon Bourbon Jam

12oz bacon, diced

½c onion, diced

pinch salt

3T brown sugar

2T bourbon (Maker’s Mark best)

2½c chicken stock

1T butter


1. In medium stock pot, cook bacon until it begins to crisp, 5-7 mins

2. Add onion & salt, cook 5 mins

3. Add bourbon & brown sugar, stir

4. Crank heat high, add 1 c stock, stir until liquid is almost gone, 7 mins

5. Add 1 more c stock, repeat

6. When “jammy” consistency, add last ½ c stock

7. Blend mixture in blender to smooth

8. Return to pan, cook on low 7 mins

9. Remove from heat & stir in butter

Excellent on steaks or other grilled or roasted meats

The One Thing You Can Count On

January 1. New calendars go up. We write 16…scratch through, no, 17. Eventually it becomes natural. We think about the year behind and the year ahead – to ourselves – out loud – maybe both. We make a resolution to change something — or consciously decide not to.

And yet, the one thing we can count on in life…every single one of us…is change. It’s happening whether we like it or not, embrace it or not, believe it or not.

“The secret of change
is to focus all of your energy,
not on fighting the old, but
on building the new.”
– Dan Millman

Here’s to a New Year!

“Good” or “Bad” Food

Driving in a car with four children with varying musical tastes doesn’t give me much time for educational podcasts; however, there are a few stolen moments where I can listen to topics of interest without background commentary. This recent podcast by the Foodist really peaked my interest. How to Stop Moralizing Your Food Choices by Darya Rose. This is topic is something I believe many of us can relate too, how many times have we deemed our food choices “good” or “bad”. Demoralized ourself for eating too much or making the wrong food choice. Additionally, Rose talks about not demonizing real food (she uses the example of sweet potatoes and oatmeal). This is a topic that comes up all too frequently in the world of nutrition. Many diet plans mislead consumers to believe that certain whole, plant based foods are not beneficial, perhaps even harmful. Nutritious real foods should never be avoided unless one has a food intolerance of allergy. Additionally, avoiding real food in favor of weight loss shakes or other food substitutes takes away the pleasure that we should all derive from eating food.

Check out this podcast next time you have a free moment (or in the car with a child, who knows you may bring out the budding scientist in them).

“A Smorgasbord for Seniors” by Megan L. Horst


Take a glance at Lynchburg Living’s article on dining options for senior living facilities. Featuring The Summit and its Director of Dining, Mary Margaret Little!

“A Smorgasbord for Seniors” – Lynchburg Living 

Cider Glazed Salmon


Serves 8

8 salmon fillets

1c tamari

1c apple cider

4t sesame oil

4t bourbon, plus additional c for soaking planks

2t brown sugar

splash+ tabasco

1t black pepper

1t minced garlic

½t turmeric


1. Purée all glaze ingredients

2. Pour over salmon, marinate for 4 hours

3. Soak cedar planks in 1 gal water & 1 c bourbon

4. Lightly spray planks with pan spray, top with salmon

5. Heat gas grill to med high

6. Put planks with salmon on grill

7. Cook with grill top down, 15-20 mins, or until nicely browned



“Perception vs. reality.” Heard that said before?


From A Leader’s Relationship to Truth:

Guiding ourselves and others through the process of truth-seeking takes courage and commitment. It requires that we peel back the layers. Look unflinchingly at the situation from different points of view and accept what we find there. We allow ourselves to become more aware. Better prepared to act on what is, rather than what we expect or want to believe.


Truth is not a matter of opinion. It’s what is.

For example: is there anything in your workplace that can be cleaner? The truth will always be ‘yes.’ Let’s change the goal from nothing (can be cleaner), to it’s hard to find something that can. And embrace “dirt-seeking.” It’s there. Expose it, deal with it, move forward.


…we have a responsibility to pursue the truth and bring it into the light so we can act on it and help others to do the same…

Walk On

2016-11-29 (1)

If you found an extra 20 minutes, what would you do with it?

A simple 20 minute walk each day has scientifically backed benefits:

  • It puts you in a better mood…a short walk will release endorphins that make you feel more positive and generally better.
  • Science also backs up the fact that walking for just 20 minutes will leave you more energetic
  • Regular exercise, even brisk walking…improves your memory…

And how does this impact your productivity? A better mood and a sharper memory can’t hurt it!

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