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Our Relationship with Food


When it comes to eating very few of us would argue that our relationship with food has many psychological components.  Eating based on only physical cues (i.e. physiological hunger) can be a challenge in today’s world.  Many of us use emotions, social cues, etc. to choose when & what to eat. The past few months I have been reviewing intuitive Eating Principles for my practice & the message that has resonated with me is “permission,” permission to eat, permission to actually enjoy food. That is why I loved this recent blog from Raise Healthy Eaters, which highlights the change in our relationship with food when we actually give ourselves permission to eat

  • I give myself permission to not have chocolate cake because it just doesn’t sound good.
  • I give myself permission to work out because it will enhance my day, even with an out-of-control to-do list.
  • I give myself permission to skip my work out because it will only add more stress to an already packed day.
  • I give myself permission to have coffee with a friend because I need connection, even though time is limited.
  • I give myself permission to cancel with a friend because it’s just one of those days.
  • I give myself permission to blow off my Sunday to-do’s (grocery shopping, getting ready for the week) and stay in my PJs with my kids, order take out and watch a movie because I just know I need a break.
  • I give myself permission to spend much of my Sunday getting ready for the week because I know it’s going to be a crazy week.
  • I give myself permission to pursue an interest or different career even though it will sound crazy to my family and friends.
  • I give myself permission to focus on what I’m doing now, and not feel like I have to do anything more to impress anyone.

As you can see, this advice does not just apply to food, so go ahead, give yourself permission.


Love food (don’t waste it)

Every day we (all mankind) hope to eat, whether we gather and prepare the food ourselves or someone else does.

But, consider these facts:
795 million people, right now, don’t have enough food. That’s about 1 in every 9 people on our planet. And most of them are in developed countries.

3.1 million children under the age of 5 die each year because of poor nutrition. That’s 45% of all deaths among children under 5 in the world.

And…yet…40% of edible food ends up in the trash.

So, what can we do about this?

Each time we prepare with care, and not too much…we do something about this.
Each time we practice fresh, local, scratch…we do something about this.
Each time we sweat all the temperatures…we do something about this.

Rie and I recently had the chance to visit a school dining program not operated by MG. We saw food prepared hours before it would be eaten; very little scratch or batch cooking; canned corn, canned soups, canned beets, too many cans to mention…

Every day…we can make a difference by being different.