Being sustainable

April 16, 2012
Sherri Meyer, MG Registered Dietitian,

Looking for inspiration for an earth week blog, I mentally evaluated my environmental habits.  Unfortunately they are nothing to inspire a “being sustainable” post.  Hmm, lets see, I still use disposable Keurig pods to make my coffee, my children are classic foods wasters (it seems the less I put on their plate, the less they eat), I have 2 children in disposable diapers & the only yogurt I can get my 2 year old to eat comes in individual disposable containers. As I evaluate my behaviors I realize most of them are a result of convenience…quick coffee, easy diaper disposal and avoidance of  a “food fight” with my stubborn 2 year old. So, what is an “environmentalist wanna be” to do?!  Well, rather than focusing on what I don’t do, I made another mental list of what environmentally responsible behaviors I do engage in.  I recycle all my paper products, newspaper, plastic & glass & I bring my own reusable bags when I shop. I buy glass bottles of milk and return them to the store, I shop at the farmer’s market, have a small garden & buy local whenever I can.  As I write this I realize even small contributions make a difference. If we all “do our part” as they say, aren’t we working together to save the planet?  I will never live fully “green”, but I can continue to make my best effort and just take comfort in knowing my boys won’t be in diapers forever.  In this new spring season I endeavor to work on my environmental deficiencies.


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