Believe in Wellness and Balance


That’s the core value that maybe makes your eyes roll this time of year. Seriously, “how CAN I get it all done!!?”, “…and still have time for my _____?!”, <–fill in that blank with whatever means the most to you.

Planning for your personal time can make you much more productive and focused at work.

Eric Barker offers a few tips on how you can get tons of stuff accomplished during the week, feel less stressed and even have more fun on your days off. See his article: How The Most Successful People Manage Their Time. Have you set your personal WIGS (Wildly Important Goals)? It helps to start there, and approach your personal wellness and balance with the same time management expertise you’ve mastered at work! Use your mornings to score tremendous victories for yourself and set the tone for your day.

  1. Do a time log. See how long things take and when your best windows are.

  2. Plan the whole week. Focus on your core competency and what makes you happy.

  3. Have a morning ritual that gets you closer to your long term goals.

  4. Set 3-5 anchor events for the weekend.

  5. Plan something fun for Sunday night.

“The best morning rituals are activities that don’t have to happen and certainly don’t have to happen at a specific hour. These are activities that require internal motivation… The best morning rituals are activities that, when practiced regularly, result in long-term benefits.”- Laura Vanderkam

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