Food Stories

Working for Guilford Dining I’m fortunate to live and work with fresh local food all the time. I got into this business because I love food, love sharing it with people, love the stories that everyone can tell about food they had in a specific place and time. This video from the Perrenial Plate gave me goosebumps because it was chock full of just that kind of love. Watching Joseph Fields and the camera guy pick and eat squash blossoms I could almost smell and taste them, feel the warm summer sun on the back of my neck, hear the cicadas…. Food is special, for all of us. That’s why learning about how your food is raised, where and by whom, is so important. Joseph Fields supplies fresh tasty organic produce to Eastern Carolina Organics, one of our favorite vendors in the spring and summer. Check out this video about his beautiful story.

Joseph Fields: Perennial Plate