Get to the Farmer’s Market!

Recently I was lamenting to my husband about the lack of inspiration for winter meals. Normally, I get my ideas from the produce available at the Lynchburg Farmer’s Market, but with the weather being unusually cold, I was relying on my husband to make our Saturday morning trip (in my defense I stay home and feed my hungry boys). Last week however, I decided that I was due for a market visit. My son Oliver and I put on our heavy winter coats and headed out the door in 20-degree temperatures. My husband had warned me I may only find cabbage and be very cold, but I was pleasantly surprised at the selections. Feeling energized I took in all the cold weather vegetables on hand; broccoli, cabbage (Tom’s inspiration for a modified Tom Yum soup), butternut squash, baby spinach (my daily salad) & of course kale. Though I am certainly not ready to start planning my summer garden, I stumbled upon a display of heirloom bean & vegetable seeds to plant come warmer temperatures. We ended our visit off by purchasing freshly ground whole grain flour from Wildflour Mill along with some tasty pasty treats from Lorraine Bakery. Oliver had no problem helping me haul the fresh eggs and apples knowing a warm homemade pop tart was nestled in the bakery bag ready for consumption.


Cure those winter blues by finding some winter inspiration at your local farmer’s market!

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