Green and Beyond to present visiting artist Bryant Holsenbeck installation in Fall 2010

Last week I had the great pleasure of meeting with North Carolina based environmental artist Bryant Holsenbeck. In the fall of this year she will be visiting Guilford and doing an installation in the Gallery sponsored by Guilford’s Theme Year in Sustainability: Green and Beyond using only used, recyclable materials. I am in the process collecting a huge amount of number ten cans and any oddly shaped glass bottles for the project. We think it’s going to be something similar to what is pictured above, but with more height and some different mediums.

She was really an inspiration to talk with. Currently she’s embarking on a year without disposable plastics. She’s blogging about it here, and her most recent entry actually features myself and a picture of Jim Dees and our Earthtub. She’s also got some really great works for sale on her site. I might have to pick up a few of her handmade journals. Very cool stuff.

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  1. Ladies in the Art GalleryLadies in the Art Gallery08-13-2010

    We can’t wait!

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