Healthier breakfast

May 30, 2012
Sherri Meyer, MG Registered Dietitian,

Today as I stood in my kitchen shoveling my dinner down with one hand and holding a baby in the other, I realized that I am not practicing what I "preach."  Mindful eating, no; more like mindless eating.  Like most Americans, my life is busy and meals often become an afterthought simply because I am just so tired.  Yet, I am constantly seeking ways to improve my health, my diet being one of the areas I know I can always improve.   Lack of time is the biggest barrier to making healthy choices and my only solution is better time management.  So I am working on setting small goals to make healthier choices, the first being breakfast.  For some reason if I start my day off  with a mindful breakfast, I am less likely to consume less then healthy options throughout the day.  So, I am taking some inspiration from Eating Well's 15 Minute Breakfast Ideas by starting my day with a good source of protein.

My first choice is eggs.  Some of the nontraditional breakfast options I like are egg and salmon sandwich on whole wheat english muffin, quick breakfast tacos & eggs with black beans.  Adorn with avocado and you now have the perfect breakfast, satiating protein, healthy fat & great taste.  With only a 15 minute requirement, I know I can spare the time to enjoy my breakfast by simply ignoring the requests and cries of my little people & savoring each bite (quickly of course).

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