Hello March…and Fresh Starts


February is the longest-shortest month of the year, so hello March! As we begin to think of spring – and fresh starts, here’s something to consider from Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love.
“…what I try to encourage people to do is forget about passion and focus instead on leading a life that’s based in curiosity. Curiosity is so much easier to access than passion. You may not know if you have a burning life passion, but you’re probably curious about some stuff. If you’re awake at all, right? There’s something in the world that kind of interests you—that little bit makes you want to turn your head a quarter of an inch. That sort of catches your ear. That sort of catches your eye. That’s where the inspiration and the ideas are hiding like fairies off in the corner.
So what I tell people is, don’t worry about finding your passion. Just look around today and ask yourself if there’s absolutely anything that you can find in the world that you feel even one percent curious about. And then follow it. Make the effort to turn your head more than a quarter of an inch. See what it is. Examine it and then find the next thing. And the next thing. And that trail of pursuing your curiosity very loyally—with a kind of discipline—knowing that your curiosity will eventually take you to your destiny, I think that’s where you find your passion. Eventually, it will lead you there.”

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