Local Offerings for the Week of April 25th

NC Strawberries are here!  Lots of other great produce rolling in from Gann Farms and Friends.

Cabbage                 Gann Farms
Broccoli                  Gann Farms
Caulilflower           Gann Farms
Sweet Potatoes       Gann Farms
Strawberries          Gann Farms
Parsnips                  Gann Farms
Arugula                   Gann Farms
Spinach                   Gann Farms
Beets                       Gann Farms
Turnips                   Gann Farms
Red Speckled Leaf Lettuce                                 Flora Ridge Farm
Green Leaf and Red Bibb Lettuce                       Flora Ridge Farm
Half and Half, Whole Milk, and Butter Milk         Homeland Creamery
Flour, Cormeal and Grits                                    Booneville Flour and Feed
Ground Beef                                                      Tomahawk Farms
Chicken                                                             Hopkins Poultry, Brown Summit, NC (Locally Processed, All NC grown)
Ground Beef                                                       Frank Massey’s Tomahawk Farm
Sausage and Bacon                                             Neese’s Country Sausage

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