Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, Why Won’t My Garden Grow?

May 24, 2011
Sherri Meyer, MG Registered Dietitian

The gardening season has begun and my husband and I started planting some vegetables in our garden. Last year we didn’t have much luck with our new vegetable garden and only managed to grow green peppers, which is pretty ironic since neither of us like green peppers (nor remember buying the plant).  

Unfortunately so far this year isn’t proving to be much more fruitful with 3 cauliflower plants spouting nice big green leaves, but no cauliflower curd (i.e. head) in sight. It has been growing for over a month and since it is recommended to harvest the curd about 2 months after transplanting, I realize that the absence of a curd makes this step impossible. So, we are left with useless (and bitter) green leaves taking up space in our garden, but bearing no fruit.  Our cauliflower plant is infertile.

Despite my past failures, I am not quite ready to give up. Perhaps I will try a more simple vegetable like squash or zucchini (no luck last year). Cucumbers, tomatoes (prone to rot,) are supposedly easy to grown, but again no luck last year.  It was the heat, right?

Since I am determined to grow something, I will not give up. I have recently purchased heirloom tomato plants from Charlottesville Famer’s Market that I just planted in pots. They are beginning to grow; now if they will only bear fruit. Here’s hoping for fertile tomatoes!

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