Meet Your Motivation


When we work in teams, like in busy kitchens, we occasionally think about how to motivate each other. Or…if that’s even possible. Can one human really motivate another? That is debatable. But think of it this way…have you felt inspired by another? Have you watched someone perform a skill or hear them describe how they got from point A to point B in their life, and felt encouraged that maybe you can accomplish ____, too? (whatever that ____ may be…run a marathon, learn a second language, plant a garden, seek a promotion).

According to the experts, we all have “native”, intrinsic motivations that are formed early in our lives. DiSC assessments have a section devoted to this topic. If you search the web, there are many self-tests…like this quirky one sponsored by Oprah. Whatever your motivation style is…give yourself a chance to feed it every day and surely you will inspire others by your example.


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