Old country, new twist

May 15, 2012
Sherri Meyer, MG Registered Dietitian,

It is a pizza party that hopefully would have made my Italian ancestors proud. Homemade sauce & pizza dough, roasted garlic, prosciutto, pancetta, fresh buffalo mozzarella, parmigiano-reggiano & sautéed wild mushrooms, just to name a few.  My husband Tom and I were excited to have some friends over to test out our new kitchen and engage in a “hands on “ dinner party.  What a great idea it turned out to be.  We prepared the toppings beforehand, rolled out the dough and made the spread for our friends to adorn their pizzas with whatever toppings their hearts (and taste buds) desired.  Since this is such a spectacular time of year for fresh produce our side accompaniments were roasted asparagus from the Lynchburg farmer’s market and lettuce from our very own garden (one of the vegetables that seems to grow in our tiny garden against all odds).  I must admit though, my fussy 2 month old did not make it easy for me to savor every bite of my mushroom laden pizza, but the next night my baby happily laid in the arms of his Nona as I savored my pizza and the memories of cooking with good friends.

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