Resolutions Revamped

As I have mentioned in past blogs, I am not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions simply because I think it often embraces the all or nothing mentality that gets us into trouble in the first place.  That said, I stumbled into this blog From College Girl to College Girl (just in case it needs to be noted, I am not a college girl) about New Year Resolutions Revamped that is worth the read. I really like reframing the typical resolution into something more concrete and not nearly so daunting as say “lose 10 pounds by summer.”  After all, isn’t good health more about what our weight says on the scale?  We should care for our body no matter the shape or size and embrace our ability to move, run, walk, dance, etc.

Even if you are not a college girl like me, check out this post.


Old: “I’m going to lose 10 lbs this year.”

Why focus on weight and appearance for your New Years Resolution? You should instead focus on feeding your body with healthy foods and listening to what it wants and needs. After all, the number on the scale is… well, just a number.

New and Improved: “I’m going to make more meals at home.”

After the holidays, we fall into a bit of a nutrition slump. We’re used to eating bigger meals, eating out with our family and friends, and sampling the wide variety of Christmas cookies! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! But, most of us grow tired of this and are ready to get back on our normal eating schedule. After New Years, make a resolution to make more meals at home. This will give you a chance to try new recipes! Also, eating at home is often healthier, more nutrient dense, and lower in empty calories and more conducive to weight management.


Old: “No more desserts for me!”

Everything can be incorporated in an overall healthy diet. Cutting out your favorite foods will only lead to wanting them more, so give yourself permission to eat your favorite foods in moderation.

New and improved: “I am going to eat at least 3 different kinds of fruits/vegetables a day.”

Instead of focusing on what you are going to cut out of your diet, focus on what you can add into your diet! Fruits and vegetables are a great place to start. Fruit can also be a yummy and dessert! Check out this recipe for banana whip.


Old: “I am going to work out every single day.”

Again, this goal is very vague.

New and improved: “I will sign up and train for a 10 mile race.” or “I will try 2 new group fitness classes a month, and work out at least 3 times a week.”

Being more physically active is a great New Years Resolution! But, if you do not consistently exercise, making a resolution to “work out more” or “exercise every day” may not be specific enough. If you like to run, try signing up for a race with a few friends. Set up a training schedule together! If you don’t like to run, find other ways.


Old: “I’m going to get the bikini body I’ve always wanted.”

What is a “bikini body” anyways?

New and Improved: “I’m going to focus on what I love about my body.”

Try committing to saying 3 positive affirmations out loud everyday. Or make a list of 10 things you love about yourself that you love about yourself that includes non-body related personality traits. Add to this list often and read it often!


Old: “I’m going on a diet.”

New and Improved: “I’m going to fuel my body with the food it needs.”

This year try to REBEL against conventional fad diets that do not provide long lasting results and can be dangerous to your health.

Old: “I am going to start eating healthier”

This is a great resolution, but it’s too vague and general. Try coming up with specific and small health goals that you can accomplish and focus in on.  

New and Improved:  “I am going to get 7-8 hours of sleep per night” or “I am going to eat 2-3 servings of vegetables per day” or “I will start eating breakfast”

These resolutions will help you eat and be healthier and are specific and achievable!


Old: “I am going to spend more time working, etc.”

This is also a great resolution! But we often find it harder to make time to relax and stress relief.

New and Improved: “I will set aside 2 hours per week to practice self-care

Taking time for yourself to relax and clear your mind will actually help reduce stress and help you accomplish more!

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