The Extra Person


There’s a notion in business that you have an extra person at the table (or, in the kitchen…) when you have a strong, positive culture. This extra person helps attract the best talent, retain long-term key people (at every level), take care of your customers, grow your opportunities and protect your future. So a panel of experts talking about this at the NRA show is no surprise.

Constantly defining, teaching and modeling what makes MG unique is how we make sure Culture remains an extra person in our midst. Starting with our core values…and bringing them to life, every day: Got wow? See the style? Feel and taste the love? Having fun as we’re being flexible?

And, once again, change is part of the picture, even when talking about Culture. A few quotes from the panel of experts:

“It’s about the here and now, not the way it’s been forever…encourage people to constantly grow with you and prepare them for change…If you don’t like change, you’re going to hate extinction.”

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