The First Step

It’s not rewarding. It’s not coaching. It’s not training. It’s not orienting.


It’s hiring.
How good are you at it?


You probably have a few people you’d love to clone because they do a great job, are self-motivated, are a team player. AND, you probably have more than one with attitude, attendance, quality of work issues. Even if you have only one in that second category, it’s too many. You cannot reach all your goals unless the entire team is on board and capable of doing the job that needs to be done. So, how do you accomplish that? You spend the right time on hiring (no warm bodies!) and you see recruiting as a 24/7 activity. Make your operation a “magnetic” place to work, so when you have an opening you have people in line who want to work for you. And…before you hire someone who is unemployed, be sure you’re comfortable with why they are.


There are plenty of articles debating what is more important: skill or attitude?


Both! Short-change either one and you will live to regret it.


Top 5 things you must say yes to before you hire the next person:
1. She has a great attitude.
2. She has the skills to do the job (and I know this for reasons beyond that she told me so).
3. She is self-motivated. (A major thing managers spend time on is motivating others — hire people that are pretty good at motivating themselves, too!)
4. She really wants to be part of this team.
5. My gut says she’s the right one.

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