Vacation cooking

June 07, 2011
Sherri Meyer, MG Registered Dietitian

Today I have the privilege of writing this blog with an ocean view. This past weekend we traveled to the beaches of North Carolina with my husband’s family. Yesterday my husband and I were assigned to cook for the family of 19 - a daunting task for a couple used to cooking for a family of 4. So we set out to the grocery store to purchase our goods and prepare a meal that was simple, local, yet delicious. Luckily my husband Tom hunted out a gem of a market that supplied local produce and fish in abundance. We stocked up on orange zucchini (a tasty alternative to traditional green zucchini), white fish & fresh basil.

Then we set out to cook in a “foreign” kitchen. It certainly is a challenge to cook in someone else’s kitchen with no one to tell you where the cookware is stored. After much scrambling we finally prepared what we would deem a successful meal. It consisted of: fresh grilled white fish with cherry tomato and red pepper sauté, grilled squash and zucchini, Israeli couscous with sautéed yellow squash, parmesan cheese, & lemon. The presentation was beautiful, the food delicious and our meal was hailed an overall hit. But the biggest hit of all (for the kids) was the dessert: M & M brownie sundaes!


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