What Do We Hear When We Listen?


We know hearing and listening are two different things. Maybe we haven’t all been parents, but we’ve all been children, right? And it usually wasn’t our ears’ fault. A good friend recently shared with me this wisdom (that she gained from her daughter who heard it from her professor, which is a nice story of its own), “Listen. Waiting to talk is not listening”. Connecting with each other depends on us being able to do this. But, it can be tough to do. Not because we don’t care, but because our minds are full of actions, reactions, scripts, to-do’s, etc.

“Conscious listening is difficult, especially in our crazy busy world today with so many urgencies and distractions. As author Leo Babauta says, ‘We are drinking from a fire hose of information, with no idea of how to reduce the flow.’”

How to be a conscious listener offers the above quote, as well as this advice: be patient, be fully present, be willing to understand and learn. In other words, set your mind to it and it will follow.

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